Counting the days the days until this year's San Diego Comic-Con International? Well next year you can count the days to 2013's show on a Kate Beaton calendar, which you'll be able to score at this year's convention.

Over the weekend Drawn & Quarterly, the publisher responsible for 2011's Hark! A Vagrant hardcover collecting Beaton online works in addition to original material, announced that they will be releasing 2013 Hark! A Vagrant calendars by the artist. It's sweet timing for fans too, considering the artist will be at the show as well.

Pricing info and precise calendar specifications haven't yet been revealed, but for the cartoonist's growing fan base, of course, "new Kate Beaton" is pretty much all anyone needs to know.

There's slightly more detail on Beaton's Tumblr blog, which notes there will be two calendars: A literature-themed calendar and another with "a more general" theme. You can check out both calendar preview images below:

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