We've featured Kate Beaton's "Hark! A Vagrant" blog/Webcomic here at CA plenty of times in the past, but reading one of her most recent comics may be the first time I've personally felt sliced and diced by her rapier wit.

My personal intellectual injury aside, the strip deserves to be read. Several times even.

"Regrets" reminds us that relationships with loved ones should take precedence over relationships with loved things. After all, no matter how awesome you think Star Wars is, it won't keep you warm at night.

While I expect to have more hair than the elderly gentleman in the strip at 78 years old, the spousal exchange plays out pretty much the way I expect my own to in the year 2063. And I was totally okay with that until I saw it from this angle. Not only am I now afraid of dying alone, I'm also troubled by the knowledge that my fiance may one day become even less interested in my critique of each Power Rangers series' opening music.

How could you do this to me Kate Beaton?

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