We told you about the imminent sale of the fat pony figurines from Kate Beaton's "Hark! A Vagrant" webcomic back at Emerald City Comic Con last weekend, and now the moment has arrived, and a small army of ponies stand waiting for you to take them home at Beaton's Topatoco store.

Well, more like a regiment of ponies. There are a limited number of figurines for sale at $50 each, and knowing what I know about Kate Beaton's fans, they aren't going to last long, so we advise grabbing one immediately if you want one. Each one comes with a hand-drawn and autographed pony sketch by Beaton for added pony.

The Topatoco site also has info about the making of the ponies, a task that was undertaken by Nikki Rice Malki, wife of fellow web cartoonist David Malki of "Wondermark."

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