Acclaimed young adult author Gwenda Bond is no stranger to comics heroes, having written the novels Lois Lane: Fallout and this year’s Lois Lane: Double Down, but now her own heroes are coming to comics courtesy of Jet City Comics. Girl Over Paris, a miniseries set in Bond's Cirque American world, comes out later this year from writer Kate Leth and artist Ming Doyle, and fills the gap between Girl On A Wire and its follow-up, Girl In The Shadows, also due for release this year.

The Cirque American series of novels follows Jules Maroni, a sixteen year old girl who wants to be a high-wire walker just like her father. Her family joins the Cirque American, and Jules becomes famous for her act of dancing on a high-wire --- but she must contend with the rival family The Flying Garcias, and mysterious talismans that bring bad luck to whoever posseses them.

The new miniseries sees Jules head to Paris as part of the circus, hoping to find her feet after a high-profile misstep on the wire. But trouble is afoot in the catacombs of the city and Jules has to juggle all of that with the perils that come with one’s first boyfriend. Bond is said to be heavily involved in the creative process with Leth and Doyle, and she promises that the miniseries will be accessible even if you haven’t read any of the novels.

Girl Over Paris is a four-issue miniseries, and the first issue will be published on July 6th, one day after the release of Girl In The Shadows. It will be available both digitally and in print via your local comic shop.

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