If you’re unfamiliar with the comedy glory that is Polygon’s Monster Factory series of videos, you’re missing out on some of the funniest stuff online. It’s a simple concept, as two brothers delve into the weird world of video game character customizers and do everything they can to make the most monstrous creations possible with the tools available to them. They then send that character into the game’s wider world to stir up trouble.

The series, hosted by brothers Justin and Griffin McElroy, has developed a hardcore fanbase who have gone on to create their own fan art of the monsters created in the show. One of their biggest fans is comics’ own Kate Leth, who has been designing tattoo style art inspired by the YouTube series.

Perhaps the most popular episode in terms of memes and references is their episode dedicated to the MMORPG Black Desert Online, where they do everything they can to create Bart Simpson. As you can see in Kate’s design below, you almost cannot tell the difference between Bart Simpson and Borth Sampson, and we hope Kate doesn’t get sued by any FOX lawyers who can’t see the subtle differences.


Borth Sampson (Black Desert Online)


The crown jewel of Monster Factory is likely the three-part Fallout 4 series that introduced the world to The Final Pam, her husband Trash Hulk, and her children Roachy and Coffee Tin. A lot of the fun of Monster Factory doesn’t just come from the characters the brothers design, but the stories they tell with those characters, and how they break the games with console commands or mods that, for example, turn every wall texture in Dark Souls into a high-res .jpg of pizza.


Truck Shepard (Mass Effect 2)


You can check out the rest of Kate Leth’s Monster Factory tattoo designs at her Tumblr, and we’re hoping the use of the words “so far” means we might see her take on Toucan Dan: The Toucan Man in the near future.