Between the wonders of Zubatman and Vaughn Pinpin's "Burtonmon," it's been an especially good week for Pokémon tributes and parodies in these parts, and artist Katie Longua is keeping this crazy train going with some fabulous pieces that imagine your favorite superheroes in the role of Pokémon trainer. Like the gym leaders that populate Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh and Unova regions, Longua's subjects have chosen to specialize in training pocket monsters that mesh with their powers, personalities and even attire. Dazzler, for example, can be seen getting down with gifted singers such as Igglybuff, Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff, while Catwoman parties with the likes of felines like Meowth and Skitty. Poor Iron Man misses his chance to bond with fellow Iron-armored Pokemon like Lairon and Metagross, however, and must contend with the Magnemite family. Longua's pieces are currently available for sale at her Etsy shop, although fans have already started the process of catching them all. You can see more of her superhero Pokémon trainers after the jump.

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