While a number of amphibious aliens have been recruited into the Green Lantern corps, Disney's idea to add Kermit to their ranks for a Green Lantern parody promo for The Muppets movie proves the best frog for the job is an Earthling. See the GL parody trailer after the jump.As often as Hal Jordan and company have fought to overcome fear, you've got to wonder just how much worse an entity like Parallax is compared to a raging Miss Piggy. As this trailer suggests, Kermit's potential banjo constructs would also probably trump some of what's seen in the Green Lantern film. The famous felty frog might also be able to explain the full emotional spectrum of lantern corps through "The Rainbow Connection," thereby bringing peace to every sector of space. I really, really wish there were a real Kermit GL movie now.

The Muppets opens on November 23.

[Via ICv2]

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