Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman has clearly had it with LA - and with his new series Lost Angeles, he's getting revenge by turning the city into a post-apocalyptic gangland, complete with the downfall of civilization as we know it. Really, can you blame him?The six issue series, which Eastman will write and draw with plot input from Joe Pearson and cover artist Simon Bisley, sees Los Angeles being "irreparably fractured and claimed by legions of brutal gangs" following a near-miss from a passing comet. While the gangs fight for turf supremacy, two gang members from opposing tribes fall in love, Romeo and Juliet-style.

"I am THRILLED to be back at the creative table with my good friend Simon Bisley, and the very talented Joe Pearson--this is one of the coolest projects I have been involved with in a great many years--and my first solo art project in more than two decades!" Eastman said in an announcement about the series. "I can wait to show the fans what I'm going to do here - my career as a artist is about to go into high gear!"

Lost Angeles -- aiming to be the first in an ongoing universe of stories -- is due for release later this year from IDW Publishing.