DC Direct released in 2009 two series of action figures based on Justice League International, the beloved 1980s sitcom-style iteration of DC Comics' Justice League by writers Keith Giffen & J.M. DeMatteis and penciller Kevin Maguire. The series' popularity endures even today, and it was a treat for action figure collectors as well as casual fans to celebrate it three-dimensional form. What helped make those JLI toys so great was the design work by Maguire, whose model sheets we've come across and published here for you to see in all their glory.

All standing around six inches tall with multiple points of articulation and bases, the Justice League International figures were among the best produced by DC Direct. Eight were produced in all -- Batman, Guy Gardner, Fire, Ice, Blue Beetle, Booste Gold, Martian Manhunter and G'nort -- but Kevin Maguire's model sheets reveal that Captain Marvel and Dr. Fate toys were also in the works. You can still find them on eBay and other online sellers for reasonable rates, but this artwork by Maguire is as priceless as the expression on Booster Gold's face.

If you've not read Justice League International, DC Comics has reprinted the series in a number of handsome volumes you can purchase at finer comics shops or bookstores like Things From Another World. It is a must for fans of The Venture Bros. and other stories where costumed adventurers are made to look foolish and hopelessly inept.