passed away earlier this week, the comics industry lost one of its leading advocates, greatest editors, and most important voices. Thompson edited and developed talent such as Chris Ware, Dan Clowes and Stan Sakai. Further, he worked tirelessly to edit, translate and publish the work of many extraordinary European cartoonists -- including Jason, Jacques Tardi, Guy Peelaert and more --whose creations the American audience likely never would have seen. Much of Thompson's output had a profound effect on of comics' current creators. As such, when word of his passing came out, there was a huge outpouring of love and admiration from editors, creators, and fans alike who owe so much to Thompson, a man whose efforts influenced so many.

very fondly and personally about Thompson, who she'd known for many years; On
his blog, Jason, one of the many incredible cartoonists whose work Thompson brought to America, touched on his relationship with the editor; Robert Boyd, a former Fantagraphics employee,
wrote about Thompson as a father figure to so many creators; and Mark Evanier
described Thompson as a man with "a really great, from-the-gut laugh, the kind only found in people who love the world around them enough to find things funny."