If you've ever been listening to pop music and been frustrated because the song you're listening to is not about Green Lantern, then you are the exact target audience for Kirby Krackle. Formed in 2009 in Seattle, Kirby Krackle is a band known for its high energy, geek-friendly rock 'n' roll, and they've spent the past five years touring comic book conventions across America and Australia.

Now, to celebrate that milestone, they're putting out Kirby Krackle: Geekiest Hits, Volume 1. The album features 20 songs about the Konami Code, henchmen and why they love superheroes, including five from the first album (recorded as a duo) that have been newly recorded this year with the full band. Check out the full track listing below, along with a few samples!


Kirby Krackle Geekiest Hits


Track Listing:

When I Miss You
Ring Capacity
Booty Do Math
Big Heart
Up, Up, Down, Down, (re-recorded 2014 version)
Villain Song (re-recorded 2014 version)
Going Home
Grandma's House
One More Episode
Dusty Cartridges & Long Boxes
Marvelous Girls (re-recorded 2014 version)
Vault 101
Needing A Miracle
Naked Wii (re-recorded 2014 version)
Roll Over
North Of The Wall
I Wanna Live In A World Full Of Heroes

And, so you know what you're getting into, here are a few songs to jam out to on a weekday afternoon:





The album will be available in digital formats next Tuesday, March 25, through KirbyKrackleMusic.com. That said, while the albums are great, I think the band would agree with me when I say that the best way to experience their music is live, crowded into a bar with cosplayers rocking out after a long day of conventioning. For that experience, check out their tour schedule on the website, and look for them at Emerald City Comic Con next weekend.

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