The comic Green Lantern fans have been waiting for since Wonder Con is finally on its merry way to stores. That's right, as previewed by DC's The Source blog, this December the "Larfleeze Christmas Special" is indeed coming to town Orange Lantern Corps style.Writer Geoff Johns planted the seeds for the special awhile back in "Green Lantern" #56, revealing that Larfleeze knew all about Christmas' celebrated man in red and, like any good detective, had pieced together that the elf would be better than any guardian.

Now the writer will flesh out Larfleeze's holiday-related greed alongside interior artist Brett Booth and cover artist Gene Ha in a one-shot that promises a kidnapped Santa Claus and a peek at how the Orange Lanterns spend the holidays. Judging from Ha's cover, it looks like Larfleeze is set to have a way better time than Hal Jordan.

You can peep the full cover below:

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