As often happens when basketball players break their noses, the Miami Heat's LeBron James has been playing with a face mask for the past week or so. The one he sported for a bit was a rather intimidating, all-black number some people compared to Batman's mask (it takes some imagination, but you can kind of see it).

James didn't really like that one, though--it was hot and uncomfortable--and his teammates just plain thought it made him look scary. Even the NBA asked him to change it, so he has switched over to a clear one, for now. But James told the Associated Press he's working with artists at Marvel and DC to create "one of the greatest masks of all time," and artist Greg Land is first out of the gate a Captain America-themed design for him.

Marvel tweeted a picture of Land's design Tuesday:

The reference to James' "super heroics" is seemingly a nod to his astonishing 61-point game against the Charlotte Bobcats Monday night. It's not like he needed it, but could the mask be... increasing his powers?

[Via Robot6]

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