Each and every week, ComicsAlliance puts the spotlight on some of our favorite pieces in our regular Best Art Ever (This Week) feature. Every now and then, though, something comes along that deserves to take the spotlight all on its own, and there's a new art print that definitely fits the bill. In this case, it's because it combines two of our favorite things: Artbender Artist Geof Darrow and The Legend of Korra.

The print takes Darrow's unmatched hyperdetailed style and applies it to the world of the show, and while there's sadly no bending involved -- presumably because our frail human minds couldn't handle seeing Darrow unleashing the power of the Avatar, Shaolin Cowboy style -- it's got Korra and Naga, her trusty polar-bear dog, grumpily riding through a crowded street.

What really gets me about the print is how distinct Darrow's style is from the usual animation of the show, and how much Korra pops out of the image just by virtue of the colors Darrow chose. It's like seeing Korra dropped into a completely different world, and that makes me want to see other artists do the same.

This particular image was inspired by Book 4 of the series, and was limited to 375 copies, all signed and numbered by Darrow. If you want to jazz up your walls (or make a happy holiday for your ol' pals here at ComicsAlliance), you can pick up a copy over a the Nickelodeon store for $64.99.

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