Though Lego's Marvel Super Hero sets aren't always focused directly on the films, the frequency with which Marvel movies are released has at least in some ways influenced a great majority of sets over the past few years. There have been some smaller ventures as of late, with Miles Morales getting his own Spider-Man set for example, but for the most part, if you're not a movie Avenger or part of the MCU, you've been out of luck.

Today, that luck changes for one of Marvel's brightest stars. Announced as part of a new vehicle set (via ToyArk), Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, will finally join the Lego Marvel army, and she didn't have to wait for a movie to get the opportunity. "The Avenjet Space Mission" is one of two new sets Lego revealed as part of the Marvel Super Heroes line, with Star Wars also getting some love with another two sets. That's all fine and good, but we all know it's Captain Marvel that's the most surprising and welcome reveal of the day. Who even likes a star war anyway?

The Avenjet Space Mission will pit three Avengers (Captain Marvel, Captain America and Iron Man) against Thanos and, for reasons we likely will never know, Hyperion. Pretty sure he's one of the good guys, but there are a few versions of that guy floating around the multiverse, so you can never be too sure. I guess? Thanos never got his chance to shine in the Guardians of the Galaxy sets, and this riff on 2013's "Infinity" event lets you live out your wildest tyrannical despot dreams. Unless you like good guys.

Iron Skull Sub Attack is the other Marvel Super Heroes set, and in it you'll find Iron Man, Captain America, a HYDRA soldier and the Avengers Assemble animated series' Iron Skull. It's not a bad set, but it's definitely grim. That submarine doesn't look like anything I'd like to encounter underwater, even if I was Captain America. That these sets are now bouncing around to more of Marvel's properties is cool to see though, and perhaps some more Avengers Assemble-themed content could come down the line.

Of the two new Star Wars sets, the Carbon Freezing Chamber is my early front-runner for must-have Star Wars set of 2016. Sadly there's no Leia included for me to act out the pivotal scene where she falls into the Carbon Freezing station and Darth Vader tells her he's her father. You do get an Ugnaught though, which is fantastic for all three people who actually care about Ugnaughts.

Hoth Attack is a simple set, and while it does look nice, doesn't offer quite as much cool factor as the chamber. Sure you get an Imperial probe droid here, but there's not a single Boba Fett to be found, so that's automatically 100 demerits. But hey, at least they gave Han a shovel. You know, from that part in the movie where he had to shovel snow. The Snowtrooper does look nice though. Those guys always had some style, and you hardly got to see them compared to the regular old Stormtroopers. It's the skirts. It's a hard look to pull off, and Snowtroopers do it with ease even in Lego form.

None of the sets have release dates, brick counts, or prices as of yet, but hopefully we'll learn more before Toy Fair in February. And if not, let's hope Lego un-blacklists us so we can find out.


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