Earlier this year, TT Games announced the PlayStation platforms would be getting exclusive Lego Marvel's Avengers content based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the game is already packed with most of the Phase Two films, Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy were left out of the loop, and it's almost impossible to get any Phase Three content in there before those movies actually arrive. That doesn't mean TT is giving up on including those things entirely though, and it all starts today with a free content pack based on Captain America: Civil War.

The free add-on may not include any new missions, but it will add in nine new character skins for many of the Marvel heroes and villains making an appearance in the upcoming movie sequel. Not only will Iron Man get his new Mark XLVI armor, but Captain America will have a new, unmasked suit to tear around the game. Falcon will also get his revamped costume, as will Scarlet Witch and the Winter Soldier. Besides his new shock baton, I can't quite tell any discernible difference from this War Machine versus the last one. It's all about the spankin' new Black Panther and Agent 13 though.

While we're missing out on an updated Black Widow, the inclusion of Black Panther in his first ever movie costume and Agent 13 in a new role besides neighbor nurse, more than make up for it. Black Widow's style hasn't changed all that much over the years, at least in Lego form, so not getting another isn't that much of a disappointment anyway, particularly given that she has a few incarnations already included in Lego Marvel's Avengers. I'm eager to see what, if any, new team-up animations are added in. Getting a sweet combo attack with Cap and Bucky like they unleash on Iron Man in the trailer would be cool. Sadly, no Spider-Man to surprise us, as his video game licensing is even more complicated than his cinematic rules.

The Lego Marvel's Avengers Captain America: Civil War DLC will be available exclusively on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 starting today for free. No word on when it will come to other platforms, or how much it will cost elsewhere either.


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