On March 29, Captain Marvel finally makes it into Lego Marvel's Avengers. Not only that, but unlike many of the characters already included in the massive roster for TT Games' latest Marvel adventure, she'll be getting her own level pack as well. If you count mobile titles, this is not the first time Carol Danvers will be a playable character in a video game, but her addition to the roster of Lego Marvel's Avengers is the closest thing many of us will get to a true Captain Marvel video game... at least until she finally joins the Avengers and someone figures out how to make a great movie-licensed video game again.

The Captain Marvel level pack will also introduce the likes of Kang The Conqueror, Magnitron, Moonstone, Poundcakes, Tic, Warbird, and Wonder Man. This is quite possibly the only time characters like Poundcakes and Tic will ever be considered for playable characters in a video game, and again shows just how deep of a well TT is willing to dive into to bolster Lego Marvel's Avengers roster. Carol's skycycle and Helen Cobb's plane will be added too, vehicles all control like melty sticks of butter in the game. Why would I ever use one when I can just fly everywhere?

The Masters of Evil will also be getting a new level pack on March 29, in which TT Games will do its best efforts to retell the story from Avengers #6 where the Baron Zemo-led team made its debut. As such, you can expect Baron Zemo to be a playable character, along with other MOE members Black Knight (both Dane Whitman and Nathan Garrett), Enchantress, Executioner, Melter, Radioactive Man, Valinor, and Whirlwind. Classic versions of Thor and Iron Man will round out the grouping, but we've seen them in the game already. At least here though, TT is going in a different direction by showing the villain perspective for the level.

Cool as that is though, some of the upcoming packs (without release dates) sound that much better. Black Panther's level pack will let players play a revamped version of the character's origin story, as he and his sister attempt to fend off Klaw's invasion of Wakanda. Aragorn, Black Knight (Augustine du Lac), Black Panther, Dora Milaje Warrior, Killmonger, Shuri, Ulysses Klaw (Classic), and White Wolf will be part of the add-on. So will Man-Ape. Man-Ape, you guys.

Agent Daisy Johnson, Agent Leo Fitz, Agent Koenig, Agent Melinda May, Agent Bobbi Morse, Agent Jemma Simmons, Cal Johnson/Mr. Hyde, Deathlok, Gordon, Grant Ward, Jiaying, Lincoln, and Raina are the 13 new characters coming in the Agents of SHIELD pack, along with the Bus. They'll have to fight off the Inhumans or something probably. I don't watch that show. I'd much rather this was a Secret Warriors expansion, but also there's a new Mockingbird character, so I'm conflicted.

Finally, Doctor Strange will get his own level pack, where he and Clea must take on Baron Mordo and Dormammu in the Dark Dimension. Those four characters will be joined by Doctor Voodoo, Jennifer Kale, Mindless One Warrior, and Night Nurse, which is as diverse a group of characters as you could possibly put into a video game. Strange is already in the game proper, but he's more classically styled. This add-on seems to be focused on the recent comic series from Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo.

The Lego Marvel's Avengers season pass is available now for $9.99 on all platforms, and will give you access to all five expansions as they arrive. Season pass owners also gain access to three character packs, which include the following:

  • The Avengers Adventurer Character Pack: Hyperion, Scuba Captain America, and Space Captain America
  • Thunderbolts Character Pack: Atlas, Citizen V, Jolt, Mach V, Meteorite, Songbird, and Techno
  • The Avengers Explorer Character Pack: Iron Skull, Scuba Iron Man, and Space Iron Man

You can also get each add-on individually for $2.99 when they release, though you won't get the extra character packs.

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