Although I am without question the World's Foremost Batmanologist, I'll admit that there is one area where I'm a little weak: International Batman Studies. Sure, I know about Jiro Kuwata's manga and The Wild World of Batwoman, but it seems like every day I discover some strange interpretation of the Caped Crusader from another country that I didn't know about. Like, you know, that time in 1989 when a bunch of Australians dressed up like Prince and did some dodgy choreography to "Batdance."

Fortunately, I have kind readers like Eric Hohl to fill me in and provide me with a clip from Coundown Revolution, a music show from Down Under that once hosted a Batman themed dance competition. Enjoy it, won't you?

A few things to note about this.

  1. Even though I don't really care for Batman '89, it's always amazing to remember that THERE WAS A MAJOR SUCCESSFUL BATMAN MOVIE AND PRINCE DID THE SOUNDTRACK.
  2. The dancers are dressed like Prince himself in the video for Batdance, with the facepaint down the middle. Prince referred to this character as "Gemini," who was representing the duality that is within Prince, and who later served as a villain for a Prince comic written by the late, great Dwayne McDuffie that featured an origin for the New Power Generation involving Gemini and Prince clashing over whether music should be used for destruction or love. It involves a deathtrap, and is one of the single greatest comics I own.
  3. According to Eric Hohl, "The competition was judged by Kylie Minogue and Martika, among others."

This world is a magical place.

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