Levar Burton holds a special place of nostalgia in my heart, not only for his role as Lt. Commander Geordi LaForge on the superlative 1990s Star Trek series "Star Trek: The Next Generation," but also for hosting the kids' show "Reading Rainbow," where he helped a generation of kids develop a healthy sense of skepticism in opinions of others by constantly telling them not to take his word for it.

Dark Horse Comics announced at Emerald City Comic Con over the weekend that Burton will be writing a currently untitled short comic story with them in the June issue of Myspace Dark Horse Presents, which Marketing Coordinator Aaron Colter called "a story about physics, family, and consequences."

The project began on Twitter, where Dark Horse and Burton began following each other's feeds and would often retweet each other's links. Ultimately those Twitter interactions turned into a conversation about Burton writing comics. "Twitter made the story possible," said Colter.Burton, who has also written a prose novel called "Aftermath," is a long-time comics fan who lived in Germany on an American military base as a child, and grew up reading and trading American comic books with other children on the base instead of watching German cartoons on Saturday mornings.

While the Dark Horse Presents comic will only be a one-shot, Dark Horse says that Burton "is looking forward to doing more with us in the future."

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