Video: Everything's getting a gritty reboot these days, so why not Adventure Time? This parody is really nicely done. [CollegeHumor]


Art: This Cliff Chiang-drawn poster from 2010 has been spotted on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII as a reminder to avoid spoilers. [Robot6]


Television: The first official poster for the PlayStation Network's Powers series is very, very smoky. [ScreenCrush]


Manga: After SNK filed a criminal complaint over the use of its characters in the Square Enix-published manga Hi-Score Girl, Square has sued SNK looking for a declaratory judgment that it didn't infringe on copyrights. [ArcadeSushi]


Cosplay: A cosplayer who goes by the name Ivy tried her best to recreate the controversial Milo Manara variant cover to Spider-Woman #1. She got close, but said it hurt like heck. [Topless Robot]


Movies: Actor Michael Keaton told Entertainment Weekly that he didn't see any of the Christopher Nolan Batman movies all the way through, even though he knows they're good. Also, he thinks Ben Affleck will do fine. [ComicBookMovie]