Webcomics: Behold! The cover to Dark Horse Comics' debut volume of Axe Cop has arrived. [Axe Cop]

History: As one of comics' most prolific creators, Osamu Tezuka had to have some way to decompress. Enter his "secret room." [Comics Comics]

Movies: James Gunn's Super, starring Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page and Kevin Bacon on April 1, 2011. Or maybe not. It seems a little early for an April Fools Day joke. [Superherohype]

Toys: The first two waves of Hasbro's 3.75" Spider-Man 2011 action figures is stocked with Spideys, but there's a few standouts in the form of Ultimate Scorpion, a classic Lizard and a pretty gnarly venom. [Marvelousnews]

Gaming: There are wood-type pokémon, and pokémon made of wood. These are the latter and they are wonderful. [Kotaku]

Design: What if the United States' 16th president had quested for pieces of the triforce? He might have looked something like Joshua Kemble's Abraham LINKoln. [The Daily What]

Musicals: 60 Minutes is taking a closer look at Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. Looks like a typical puff piece, but it'll be worth a look if there's dudes in Spider-Man costumes doing crazy stunts. Also? Green Goblin will be on fire. [CBS News]

Gaming: Forget go-kart games, if you want to see who would win in a race between your favorite side-scrolling icons, you need this video. [Joystiq]

Blast From the Past: Thought it never the light of day, the Cannon Group teased its would-have-been Spider-Man movie on its VHS tapes in the '80s. Would it have been awful? Probably. [io9]

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