Movies: A few early shots reportedly from the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice set show what Metropolis' emergency vehicles will look like this time around. [Instagram]



Anime: A new, 26-episode Astro Boy reboot will mix 2D animation and CGI. It'll be produced by companies from Japan, France and Monaco. [Variety]


Video Games: The trailer for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire has arrived. Guess what? There are new Pokemon to catch. [ArcadeSushi]


Movies: The international trailer for director Terry Gilliam's new film, Zero Theorem, ends with an ad for Chris Sims' personal religion, The Church of Batman the Redeemer. [YouTube]


Animation: The trailer for The Legend of Korra Book Three: Change looks intense. Literally everyone is fighting. [SuperHeroHype]



Toys: For $125, you can get an exact replica of Adam West's Batman '66 utility belt, with a Batarang included. Worth it. [USA Today]

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