Santa's Claws: Not that you would mess with Santa Claus anyway, but if you're ever looking to pick a fight with the Jolly One, make sure it's not Wolverine in disguise. [io9]

Anthologies: Neil Gaiman is guest editing next year's "Best American Comics" anthology for the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt publishing company. [Neil Gaiman via The Beat]

Movies: "The Dark Knight" tops AMC's list of the Best Comic Book Movies of the Decade. [AMC]

Season's Greetings: Rob Guillory wishes "Chew" a very merry Christmas. [The Beat]

Comics: Britain's Ministry of Defense has canceled plans made with the Comic Book Alliance to send free comics to troopers fighting in Afghanistan. []

Shorts: The entirety of Jill Thompson's "Suzy Snowflake" is available online - yep, all two pages of it! [Newsarama]

Publishing: TokyoPop CEO Stu Levy wonders aloud whether or not fans would be interested in translating titles that are on hiatus due to low sales. [ANN via Robot 6]

Botany: Sonic the Hedgehog stands guard over the Christmas tree at SEGA Europe. [Kotaku]