Hollywood: The first images of Chris Evans as a buff Steve Rogers (sans Cap costume) have surfaced. Evans is looking pretty jacked, if we say so ourselves. [Comic Vine]

Controversy: Tom Spurgeon weighs in on the importance of supporting Molly Norris, the cartoonist who has gone into hiding following threats from extremists who were angered by her organization of "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day." [The Comics Reporter]

Costumes: Did you know Darkwing Duck has sported nearly 20 different looks? The Agent of S.T.Y.L.E. does. [Blog@]

Hollywood: Mark Ruffalo won't just play Bruce Banner, the new Hulk will put on a motion capture performance in "The Avengers." [Super Hero Hype]


Psychology: Are superheroes crazy? How about supervillains? Three forensic psychiatrists weigh in on Batman and others' mental health. [Crazy Sexy Geeks]

Toys: Boskoes' custom Warlock action figure is a sight to behold and thankfully does not come with a voice chip. Dude's syntax was not my cup of tea. [Toycutter]

TV: ABC's canceled "Pushing Daisies" TV series has been in DC's pipeline for awhile, but it looks like it could finally see release in 2011. [Robot6]

Excellence: "Bill & Ted" may get a threequel. If it happened, SLG's reprinted Marvel B&T comic by Evan Dorkin would be a most excellent primer for the project. [Topless Robot]

Bollywood: India's "Robot" looks to be a kind of superheroic Bollywood RoboCop in the best possible way. [The Beat]