Comedic Prophecy: As pointed out by Sal Loria, Archie Goodwin and Dan Jurgens were about twenty years ahead of their time with the cover to Armageddon 2001 #1. "Ten years from now the world will survive. These heroes won't," indeed. [Twitter]

Manga: Ready to morph your otaku reading into a scholarly pursuit? Kyoto Seika University is launching Japan's first doctoral program in manga studies in 2012, following the success of its master's course last year. [Neatorama]

Creators: Following the departure of Robert Kirkman and Greg Capullo, Joe Casey and Nathan Fox will take the reigns on Image's Haunt starting with issue #19 in September. [USA Today]

Digital: Brian Wood is currently offering a free download of his 132-page art book, Public Domain 2, which according to his site, "represents about a decade of sketches and random art." [Brian Wood]

Branding: Brisk Iced Tea is going Green Lantern with a new mango dragonfruit flavor in cans and bottles illustrated by Kenneth Rocafort (image totally not to scale). [Robot6]

Digital: Apple's got a new iTunes book store with a comics and graphic novels category, but alas, it's not shown in its quick links tab on the main page... yet. Say it ain't so, Apple! Be cool! [The Beat]

Gaming: If you've got time to kill in a lake house somewhere this summer, Bandai/Mattel are reissuing the One Piece Uno game in July. [ANN]

Threads: Sometimes it takes a hero to protect you from the threat of popping bacon grease. [Neatoshop]

TV: America's Got Talent sets the Tron Guy up for an obnoxious and pointless shaming. Lame. [Topless Robot]

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