Warning up front: There's a lot of Batman in today's links.

Animation: This photo of a subway ad spotted at the Licensing Expo in Vegas this week is said by some to be the first image from a Cartoon Network show called "Batman Unlimited". Others speculate it's part of Mattel's line of Batman toys, which use the same logo. In any case, that's some chin he's got. [Reddit]


Movies: Marvel is reportedly shoring up a deal for Jon Spaihts, who wrote the first draft of the script for Prometheus before it was revised by Damon Lindelof, to write the Doctor Strange movie. [Deadline]


Television: The newest trailer for Fox's Gotham takes a deep look into the eyes of the show's villains. [TVLine]


Art: A Jim Lee Batman will adorn the cover of this year's Comic Con International souvenir book. [The Source]


Books: Take a look at these super-cool Jim Steranko covers to paperback novelizations of The Shadow. [The Golden Age]


Movies: Rumor has it that Warner Bros. is planning a solo Ben Affleck Batman film, titled simply The Batman, for 2019. [ScreenCrush]