Video: Happy Hour mashes up Attack on Titan with Titanfall, proving it is perhaps not the best idea. [Happy Hour]


Batman Vs. Superman

Movies: Zack Snyder talks about the idea of Batman fighting Superman in... Batman vs. Superman... like it's the first time anybody's ever thought of it. [ScreenCrush]


Animation: DC All Access has a first-look at Darwyn Cooke's upcoming Batman Beyond DC Nation short. [DC Entertainment]


Lego Stay Puft Cuusoo

Toys: If your'e excited about LEGO's upcoming Ghostbusters set, you might want to check out its accompanying Stay Puft Marshmallow Man CUUSOO project. [LEGO CUUSOO]


ASM2-game-cover Xbox One

Gaming: It looks like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game won't be swinging onto Xbox One. [Arcade Sushi]


Video: In an age of terribly Photoshopped Hollywood abominations, the artwork of Drew Struzan is more important than ever. [HarveyJames]

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