Movies: It's almost like Empire Magazine just plain has a lot of X-Men: Days of Future Past movie images on hand or something. [Empire]

Video: They had me at "Skeletor Actors Play With Action Figures." [ToplessRobot]

Fangirl Cover

Upcoming: YA prose author Rainbow Rowell (Fangirl) is writing two graphic novels at First Second, with the first to be illustrated by Faith Erin Hicks. [EW]



Tokusatsu: Shotaro Ishinomori's Kikaider will return to TV in an upcoming reboot in Japan on May 24. [Crunchyroll]


Peanuts auction

Auctions: One of Charles Schulz's original Peanuts daily strips from 1966 has sold for $26,450 at auction. [Robot6]


Marvel Run Jump Smash

Gaming: Marvel Run Jump Smash is now available on iTunes, Google Play and The Windows Store.

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