Movies: Neil Marshall, the director of The Descent and several Game of Thrones episodes, says he would "love to do a Black Widow movie." [Vanity Fair]



Benefits: The Independent Publishing Resource Center in Portland is collecting donations to fund a scholarship for a cartoonist. It's all in memory of cartoonist and publisher Dylan Williams, who died in 2011. [The Comics Reporter]


Video: Stan Lee didn't actually get ice water poured on his head for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but, you know, he is 91. [Robot6]



Toys: After a very long wait, collectors are finally going to get their hands on Mattel's Doomsday "Unleashed" figure. [Topless Robot]



Webcomics: Noah Van Sciver describes how depression sends him into the arms of superheroes. [Tumblr]


Movies: Director Marc Webb may just have revealed the entire Sinister Six movie lineup. [ScreenCrush]

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