Hollywood: Jeremy Renner really is Hawkeye in "The Avengers," and Neal McDonough might be Dum Dum Dugan in "The First Avenger: Captain America." [Deadline & Heat Vision]

Crime: Batman has been arrested in Hollywood as part of a crackdown on superheroes. [Los Angeles Times]

Television: Just as there are stages of grief, there are also stages of zombie decomposition. Observe, zombie make up effects from AMC's "The Walking Dead." [io9]

Fashion: Fanmade Booster Gold/Blue Beetle kicks stand out, up and away. [Via Twitter @davehowlett]

Revenge: The "Star Wars" kid - you know, the lightsaber twirling one - is back... and this time, he's got the law on his side. [Topless Robot]

Toys: Get a better look at the upcoming Marvel Universe wave from Hasbro with some high-res photographs. [Marvelous News]

Concept Art: Fresh off the heels of yesterday's "Captain America" reveal come these "Thor" concept art sketches. [Collider]

Toys: Bandai has the license to produce "Thundercats" action figures, an announcement made hot on the heels of yesterday's news of a new "Thundercats" television series. [Toy News International]