A roundup of cool junk from around the web.

Twitter: NPR reveals the truth behind @HOBODARKSEID. The answer is the opposite of disappointing, but as @kielphegley noted, once read you can never unknow this.

Animation: Because Infinite Earths is a bit much, don't you think? DC pares their new animated movie down to a far more manageable "Crisis on Two Earths." [Topless Robot]

Tech: Wow. Software that can create 3D renderings of entire cities via Flickr photo pools. [io9]

Conventions: Small Press Expo (SPX) 2009 is over, and from all indications it was amazing. I'm super sad I missed it, and am currently scrolling through my tears of regret along the excellent recaps from The Daily Cross Hatch and The Beat.

Reviews: The New York Times is elitist and out of touch with new media? Stop the increasingly outdated presses! Really.

Webcomics: "Let's Be Friends" offers an appropriately inappropriate tribute to "Crayon Shin-Chan" creator Yoshito Usui.

Publishing: More prognostications of DOOM (not the Doctor) -- Will print (comics) be dead in 20 years? [ICv2]

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