Hollywood: "Iron Man 2" was the undisputed king of the box office this weekend, as expected. But Tony Stark failed to best Bruce Wayne and "The Dark Knight" when it came to achieving the best opening weekend in Hollywood history - instead, the "Iron Man" sequel settled for the fifth best opening record. [Box Office Mojo]

Art: As a huge fan of "Lost" and "Monkey Island," I really wish this was real. [Super Punch]

Debates: Is a colorist worthy of receiving royalties from comic book work? Some creators say yes, while others say no. Check in on their opinions and weigh in on the debate yourself. [Bleeding Cool]

Analysis: Screenwriter and playwright Todd Alcott dissects Adam West's "Batman: The Movie," stating: "Far from being the world's greatest detective, this Batman is an easily-fooled dolt who blunders from clue to clue, solving crimes almost by accident." [The Beat]

Comics: In honor of Mother's Day, here's a list of the ten best and ten worst mothers in comics history. [Newsarama]

Customs: Sinestro's secret identity is... Robin? That's the case according to sexyvonpoopy - and hey, I don't make up the names. [The Fwoosh]

Science: According to 80beats, "a lot of the tech in 'Iron Man 2' is grounded in fact.' In other words, you could feasibly become Iron Man. In other words, awesome. [Discover Magazine]