Hollywood: Could "Mad Men" star Jon Hamm be up for the role of the Man of Steel? Probably not, but it'd be pretty dope. [Comic Vine]

Awards: Have you voted for your favorite female creators in the Lulu Awards yet? A certain ComicsAlliance editor-in-chief is on the list. [Occasional Superheroine]

Charity: There are numerous comic book related items available (including walk-on roles in a Sony Marvel film or in a DC comic) for bid on Auction Cause's eBay page benefiting Stand Up To Cancer, an organization raising funds for cancer research. [eBay]

Art: At 39 Jon Hamm might seem a little older than Superman, but this painting by Michael Kutsche really ages the hero. [io9]

History: Mister Freeze stores his suit in a former Kansas salt mine. For serious. [Neatorama]

Industry: Jeff Smith's moving Cartoon Books' distribution from Diamond to PGW for returnable sales. Diamond will still distribute RASL in comic shops, though. [The Beat]

Music: The Scissor Sisters' vocalist Ana Matronic promotes her contribution to an upcoming issue of Boom! Studios' "C.B.G.B" anthology. [YouTube]

Hollywood: Superherohype has new photos from the "Captain America: The First Avenger" set depicting a very Stan Lee cigar shop. [Superherohype]

Toys: This Stormtrooper Super Shogun action figure may not be official, but it burns the house down. [Underwire]

Conventions: Shows have their pros and cons. Geoff Grogan gives a cartoonist's perspective of attending conventions following SPX. [The Comics Reporter]