Hollywood: Rumors are swirling that Joss Whedon could take the director's job on "The Avengers." What do you think - actually possible or a calculated April Fool's prank? [IESB]

Interviews: In honor of the hijinks of April Fool's Day, Ambush Bug (the reporter, not the character) interviews MAD editor John Ficarra about the magazine's move from a quarterly schedule to bimonthly. [Ain't It Cool News]

Legal: A New York federal judge has declared a "halt" to litigation involving the breakup of Stan Lee Media, Inc., ending a legal dispute that dates back more than a decade. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Comics: Marvel's Ben Morse argues that of all of the X-Men, Cannonball is the character with the most potential. [The Cool Kids Table]

Hollywood: Will "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" and "Kick-Ass" destroy the superhero movie? That's the debate that Elisabeth Rappe tackles in her latest Geek Beat column. [Cinematical]

Art: Joker takes one to the dome piece in Jimmy Giegerich's cover of "World's Finest" #177. [Covered]

Plush: Plants versus Zombies, no longer just a bizarre concept and an addictive game, but also an adorable set of plush dolls! [Kotaku]

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