Movies: The LEGO Movie trailer packs in appearances by Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the TMNT and more. [ScreenCrush]
Commercials: Just in case the aisle displays at Target stores didn't catch your eye, the retail chain has released a new animated commercial promoting its Justice League products. [Target]

Comics: Gene Luen Yang fans can score special signed and sketched-in copies of the his upcoming Boxers & Saints original graphic novels by ordering from Green Apple books any time before September 4. [Green Apple Books]


TV: The latest Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. trailer is full of gamma-irradiated catch phrases. [ScreenCrush]

Toys: Mattel has revealed its $50 San Diego Comic-Con 2013 exclusive Man of Steel Movie Masters set packing a battling Superman and Zod. [USA Today]

Publishers: Humanoids has opened its new online store, offering digital options, new print exclusives and more to fans. [Humanoids]

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