History: How Superman defeated the KKK. (io9)

: Turns out that one of the library workers -- not librarians -- in Kentucky who refused to lend "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier" to a child had actually kept the book out of circulation for all patrons for over a year by checking it over and over herself, and even discussed spilling a drink on the book to ruin it. When she later had to actually read the book to defend her behavior, she recruited people pray over her while she read to protect her from the images. The two women, who were fired for their actions, "remain baffled as to the reasoning behind their dismissal." (via The Beat)

: Did Grant Morrison ruin the X-Men? (4th Letter)

Twitter: Marvel writer Brian Bendis conducted an impromptu Twitter interview with fans, where we learned (along many other things) that he's got his fingers crossed for a new "Alias" miniseries with Michael Gaydos, and that he's got a creator-owned crime book coming out next year with Alex Maleev. Old school Bendis fans, rejoice! Oh, and apparently he's a professor now? (Robot 6)Anime: The 1965 anime series "Prince Planet," one of the first ever on TV, is now free on Hulu. (Newsarama)

Conventions: Hoping to go to San Diego Comic-Con 2010 next July? Get ready to hit eBay, because it's sold out.

Celebrities: Eminem, whom comics last saw in the Punisher crossover "Kill You," is currently planning a 3D horror anthology called "Shady Talez" that he'll be cowriting with "New Warriors" writer (and "Underworld" actor) Kevin Grevioux. Naturally, there will be a four-issue comic book miniseries to accompany it. (Splash Page)

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