Humor: 33 bizarre, totally out of context comic book panels. (I Heart Chaos)

Movies: It's been confirmed -- Megan Fox is coming back for "Transformers 3," despite her war of words with director Michael Bay (and accusations that he endangered her on set and made her wash his car in a bikini for the "Transformers" role). (Cinematical)

Idiots: College kids protest an anti-racism cartoon by Keith Knight as racist. (Gawker)

Mobile: Josh Cotter's experimental "Driven By Lemons" is out on the iPhone! (The Beat)

Gaming: This one's for the late 20-somethings: The Top 10 old school NES intros. (Bam Kapow)

Awesome: An Optimus Prime stained glass window? Hallelujah! (Topless Robot)

Art: 24 Artists at Vice Magazine post original art inspired by "Where the Wild Things Are" (Vice)

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