Tattoos: GuySpeed collects some of the coolest comic book and superhero tattoos online. [GuySpeed]


New: Just in case you missed it, a new Achewood popped up on Friday after some 415 days sans updates. [Achewood]


Vacations: A costumed Captain America and an "Avengers Academy" area are coming to select Disney cruises. [Robot6]


The CW / Syfy

TV: Stargate SG-1 star Teryl Rothery appears to be headed to Arrow in the show's upcoming second season. [ScreenCrush]


Video: Japan is getting a Japanese dub of the American Power Rangers Samurai, itself based on the Japanese Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. That's hardcore. [JEFusion]


Movies: Marvel movies may kinda be locked in through... 2021. [ScreenCrush]