Movie: Empire's latest issue contains a new image of Hawkeye, Captain America and Black Widow from The Avengers. [SHH]

Opinion: Tom Spurgeon examines five reasons the comic book industry is in trouble (other than digital piracy). [The Comics Reporter]

Gaming: The Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter has topped $2 million and there's still almost three weeks left to go. [Joystiq]

Humor: A Toronto dude dresses up as Batman and yells at people. Sadly, there are no Scott Pilgrim cameos. [Topless Robot]

Video: Fabien Dubois and Baptiste Amann's fan-made live action Akira trailer isn't quite Chronicle, but it has some nice effects. [JeFusion]

Eats: Garfield and friends get the custom cupcake treatment from Bakerella. [Neatorama]

Humor: This live action recreation of GoldenEye 007 will bring back Nintendo 64 nostalgia (and frustration). [Kotaku]

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