Indie: Elfquest is back with a new story, "The Final Quest," set for regular serialization on Boing Boing starting September 10. [BB]

Movies: It looks like the "Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase One" Blu-ray collection is still coming out, although it's been delayed until spring 2013. It's still unknown if it will feature a different package than the litigious briefcase, however. [MTV Splash Page]

Video: Mike Rugnetta of PBS's Idea Channel aptly compares Homestuck to James Joyce's Ulysses. [IC]

Releases: First Second has posted a fun roundup of its 2012 titles, showing off covers, spines and rear cover art. [:01]

Upcoming: If you're headed to SPX, you'll have a chance to score Chris Ware's Multi-Story, along with its super detailed bonus Multi-Story Building Model. I can't wait to see somebody assemble one of these. [D&Q]

TV: SyFy has posted the first episode of its new reality show, Collection Intervention, online. It's a show that aims to separate hoarding fans from their toys (among other collectibles). If anyone reports me to the show's producers, I will never forgive you. [Tomopop]

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