TV: Previously unreleased photos of Julie Newmar as Catwoman have been uncovered from the Life magazine's archives. They're prrrrretty prrrrrfect. [Blastr]

Music: The Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77 sound like Italian punk/techno, but look like symbiote Spider-Man/Venom/Bane. I approve. [Boing Boing]

Art: Grant Morrison discusses how he and DC picked from Rian Hughes' nearly 20 different Batman and Robin logo designs. [The Source]

Toys: These vinyl toys of analog media like cassette tapes, floppy disks and game cartridges are nostalgic to the max. Perhaps one day the makers will add a printed single issue comic to the line? [Kotaku]

Comic Strips: Bill Amend's Foxtrot is being collected hardcover style in The Best of Foxtrot, a two-book collection totaling 560 pages. [The Daily Cartoonist]

History: I didn't know much about medieval Christian metaphysics when I woke up this morning, but thanks to this action figure-filled video teasing Catherynne N. Valente's new book Habitation of the Blessed, now I do! [io9]

Cosmic: Image's new teaser for something or other says the shape of the universe has boy parts and girl parts. [The Beat]

Toys: Japanese toymaker Kaiyodo may not be producing proper Marvel action figures, but Ultimate Spider-Man fans can now preorder their upcoming vignettes. [Big Bad Toy Store]

Animation: I have vivid memories of watching the affront on sanity that was Club Mario (the dudebro sequel to the completely superior Super Mario Bros. Super Show), but I had completely forgotten about the Milli Vanilli episode. Perhaps it was for the best... [Everything is Terrible]

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