Gaming: Dorkly discovers the real makers of pokeballs. Silph Co. is a lie! [CollegeHumor]

Humor: Everything is Terrible ran its Mondo Superhero series last week. It's completely and utterly NSFW. [EiT]

Movies: CA's David Brothers takes a look at five manga Hollywood should turn their attention to following this past weekend's release of Priest, which was based on a manhwa. David knows the difference and would slap me for suggesting otherwise. [Moviefone]

Art: jnkboy's 8-bit style tribute to Johnny Ryan's Prison Pit is pixel perfection. [Fantagraphics]

Animation: Marvel Animation and Lionsgate have released a new Thor: Tales of Asgard slideshow introducing viewers to its cast of heroes and villains in art. [Marvel]

Trading Cards: It looks like Upper Deck's Marvel Beginnings line wasn't the first to chop up classic comics in the name of trading cardery. Rittenhouse did something similar a few years back. [ICv2]

Gaming: The recently-launched Super Hero Squad Online has had an Asgardian update with the Realm Eternal and more of its residents joining the fray. [HeroUp]

Cosplay: According to the official Axe Cop Twitter feed, an official AC costume is in the works. With any luck it's as accurate as the outfit from the AC fan film (pictured above). Don't worry, cosplayers, you've still got a few hundred characters from the series to sew yourself. [Twitter]

Customs: Rotobox has outdone itself with this awesome Voltron Qee custom. [Tomopop]

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