Toys: NECA's latest wave of "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" action figures includes a sparkling variant of Edward Cullen. We can all die happy now. [New Moon The Movie]

Anime: Hayao Miyazaki's adorable creation Totoro takes the bus, just like you and me - the Catbus, that is. [Catslock]

Bootlegs: Kiel Phegley has gotten his hands on a bootleg Moomin action figure, based on the characters created by Scandinavian cartoonist Tove Jansson. [The Cool Kids Table]

Creators: Marc Bernardin looks back on the legacy of "The Authority" just as he is about to become the series' new writer. [io9]

Videogames: What would Mega Man and Link look like in reality? Well... do you really want to know? [Cracked]

Hollywood: The upcoming "Deadpool" film will be written by "Zombie Land's" Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. "Spider-Man 4," however, has hit a snag. [Variety]

Publishing: Brian Hibbs argues that the death of the single issue - should it come to pass - would be the fault of retailers for "not only supporting but actually rewarding publishers for their behavior," a list that includes raising prices to $3.99 per single issue. [ICv2]