Novels: Marvel and Hyperion books are partnering for two new romance+action novels in June. Marta Acosta is writing The She-Hulk Diaries and Christine Woodward is writing Rogue Touch. [Marvel]

Gaming: Killer Croc, Riddler and Penguin have all popped up in a new Injustice: Gods Among Us still. [Joystiq]

Art: Austin Eustice looks at Captain America's various costumes over the years on a stylish print. [AE]

Customs: Horton's Heroes does a darn fine ROM Spaceknight action figure. [Toycutter]

Brews: Washington Beer Blog profiles Flying Monkey, a pale ale collaboration between American Brewing Company and Emerald City Comicon, which will serve as the official beer of this year's show and is due out just before the March 1. [WBB]

Toys: The Four Horsemen have unveiled a look at its upcoming wave of Outer Space Men figures. [FH]

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