Art: Fantagraphics highlights cartoonist Bruce McCorkindale's "Hellboy"/"Peanuts" mashup, 'Hellbrown." The right hand of doom has never looked so adorable. [Fantagraphics]

Industry: Heidi MacDonald compiles the reactions of creators like Warren Ellis, Gail Simone, Brian Wood and Kurt Busiek to the closing of Wildstorm. [The Beat]

Controversy: Flemming Rose will collect cartoons depicting the Muslim Prophet Mohammed this fall in a book titled, "The Tyranny of Silence." [The Daily Cartoonist]

Gaming: Part two of the surprisingly substantial (and so far very fun) "Left 4 Dead" Webcomic by Michael Avon Oeming is live at the official L4D site. [Joystiq]

Conventions: Heading to Dragon*Con? Check out the Venture Brothers panel on Monday the 4th featuring series creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer. [Adult Swim]

Movies: "300's" companion film "Xerxes" will be shot in 3D according to director Zack Snyder. Frank Miller's "Xerxes" comic, however, will probably be a more readable 2D. [ICv2]

Costumes: Pulling off a cinematic superhero costume can be a painful bit of business according to actors like Ryan Reynolds, Christian Bale and Malin Akerman. It was worth the money, though, right super wealthy celebrities? [Blastr]

Tats: Think you love comic book art? This guy might just love it more. [Geekologie]

Lists: Most comic book cities would be nice to visit, but horrible to live in, which is probably why Web Urbanist classifies this list of locations as simply "cool." [Web Urbanist]

Retailers: Flavorwire takes a look at some of the best comic shops in America including New York City's Bergen Street Comics, LA's Secret Headquarters and (one I've shopped at) Portland's Floating World. [Flavorwire]

Video: "Star Wars" fans who assembled at Dragon Con put the Tauntaun sleeping bag to ingenious use with a potato sack-style race. No one appears to have sliced open a hole for their feet in order to cheat. [Topless Robot]

Hollywood: Black Widow could star in her own solo film... after "The Avengers," of course. [Superherohype]

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