Musicals: The new commercial for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark showcases some previously-seen footage, but a good deal of terrifying Hammerhead puppetry, big screen Kraven swiping, Green Goblin facery and continued Carnage... uh... carnage. [Super Punch]

Characters: Livejournaler Neo_Prodigy runs down their list of comics' most readable LGB characters. Renee Montoya gets some major ups. [Neatorama]

Interviews: Tom Spurgeon talks to cartoonist Rina Ayuyang, in part, about her latest release Whirlwind Wonderland. [The Comics Reporter]

Video: The latest episode of Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?! sees Doctor Strange head back to class in a setting strikingly similar to that of a certain boy wizard who is currently filling movie theaters. [Marvel]

Comic Strips: Batman and Robin have undergone a few costume changes over the past few years, but Bizarro imagines the duo going literal. [Bizarro]

Customs: The late Frank Frazetta's hyper iconic Death Dealer gets the Munny treatment from customizer f+ and the results are wonderful. [Toycutter]

Threads: If you want a bra like no bra ever was, this pokéball version may be super effective. [The Daily What]

Gaming: Although it hasn't received an official North American launch date, Japanese gamers can expect to see Dragon Ball Zenkai Battle Royale arrive in arcades February 2011.. [Kotaku]

Animation: With the holiday shopping season in full swing, it's a fine time to admire Andertoons' Lego version of Futurama's Robot Santa Claus. [Andertoons]