Art: Daleks aren't typical known for fighting evil by moonlight (to say nothing of winning love by daylight), but these Skaro scouts by Dezychan seem poised for both activities. [The Daily What]

Movies: According to Stan Lee, his upcoming Spider-Man reboot cameo is " the best, most unusual one yet!" of his numerous onscreen appearances. [MTV Splash Page]

Crossovers: Abbie Chase and company are set to meet Ash in the upcoming Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness from Dynamite and IDW. [CBR]

Demons: The Source teases Anthrax and The Damned Things' Scott Ian and artist Sam Keith's upcoming The Demon miniseries with word that Las Vegas is doomed. [The Source]

Customs: Jin Saotome imagines Captain America in a land where steam power rules everything around it.. [Toycutter]

Webcomics: Doug TenNapel (Earthworm Jim, Iron West, Ghostopolis) and colorist Katherine Garner have launched his new Webcomic Ratfist. I advise giving it a look. [iFanboy]

Toys: The mini DC Action League series may not make up for the cancellation of the similar Batman: The Brave and the Bold toy line, but it's a start. [The Fwoosh]

Storage: For Captain America, protecting democracy apparently also means protecting your lunch. [BigBadToyStore]

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