Movies: Splash News Online has scored some new images of The Amazing Spider-Man swinging around. I must admit, I'm starting not to mind those silvery soles on his costume. [SNO]

Creators: Artist Chris Wozniak and his wife Debra have lost their home to the recent tornado in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. You can help by visiting their Facebook page and donating to their Paypal account. [Robot6]

Toys: The X-Men action figures of the '90s had some pretty wonderful commercials, didn't they? [io9]

Video: CA editor Andy Khouri and contributor Sam Humphries discuss racism and patriotism with respect to the media's reaction to comic book stories about Nightrunner, Superman and more on the latest episode of Bryan J. Daggett and Atom Freeman's ComiCenter. [GeekWeek]
Movies: The French poster for X-Men: First Class is pretty slick. Does Photoshop work better if you speak to it in a romance language? [SuperHeroHype]

Animation: Have you seen the super short Green Lantern: The Animated Series blip from Cartoon Network? It's CGI-riffic. [YouTube]

DVD: Cartoon Network's Young Justice Season One Vol. 1 is coming to DVD on July 19 -- to the max! [CBR]

Gaming: Namco Bandai is rumored to be working on a new Dragon Ball fighting game emphasizing 3D action. Expect it on the PS3 and Xbox 360 by the end of the year provided all goes well. This is a fake 3D image for funsies, though. [Joystiq]

Toys: One Piece fans are going to dig the flying Going Merry model kit. It doesn't actually fly, but it does have wings -- like a penguin. Everybody loves penguins. Especially seals. [BBTS]