Movies: If you liked Lee Bermejo's Batsuit design from Batman: Noel, it looks like a version of it may be popping back up in Zack Snyder's Batman vs. Superman. [ScreenCrush]


Video: Batman gets profiled in the latest The LEGO Movie trailer. [Warner Bros. Pictures]


New 52 Wonder Woman Tonner

Toys: Tonner has unveiled its New 52 style Wonder Woman doll. [Tonner]


Star Blazers

Movies: Christopher McQuarrie is set to direct a live action adaptation of Star Blazers, the localized version of Leiji Matsumoto's manga-turned-anime franchise Space Battleship Yamato. [Deadline]


Ultraman Ginga Happy Meal

Toys: Ultraman Ginga is headed to Japanese Happy Meals. [Henshin Justice]


The Return of Zita The Space Girl

Upcoming: The Return of Zita the Space Girl, the final volume of Ben Hatke's Zita trilogy, will be released by First Second on May 13. [BoingBoing]

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