Toys: Joseph Larson's 3D-printed custom chess set forms a friggin' chess piece mech to rival the Megazord. Larson's even gifted humankind with all with the schematics to make their own copy (provided they have 3D printers). [Gizmodo]

TV: Following their Toonami April Fool's Day joke, Cartoon Network is asking fans if they want the anime-heavy programming block back for real. [Twitter]

Anime: Discotek Media has announced plans to collect all 42 episodes of Space Pirate Captain Harlock in a box set. It will feature its original Japanese audio with English subtitles. [Crunchyroll]

Art: The 12 Illustrations blog has kicked off a month of Batman Beyond tribute art and is currently taking submissions. [12 Illustrations]

Movies: Sony will re-release Sam Raimi's Spider-Man movie trilogy on Blu-ray on June 12. [MTV]

Gaming: The upcoming release of Fez will feature packaging art by Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O'Malley. [Robot 6]

Anime: Viz Media has announced the simulcast of new anime, Zetman, which follows two rival heroes as they slay monsters manufactured by an evil corporation. [Crunchyroll]

Toys: Bandai will release a scale model of the Red Hair Pirates from Once Piece's ship, Red Force, before too long in Japan. [Cybergundam]

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